About Me

I currently call Portland, Oregon home, where I try to bike or hike as much as possible. I lived in the woods for over 2 months while walking 800 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013, and keep a lot of that experience with me in my approach to life.

I work on Read the Docs and Write the Docs as my full-time job. I care a lot about documentation in the software industry, and really hope to raise the profile of it as part of my work.

I have previously lived in Lawrence, Kansas for 2.5 years from May 2008-Dec 2010. I lived the rest of my life in Virginia, migrating from the Shennendoah Valley, to Virginia Beach for high school, then to Fredericksburg for college at the University of Mary Washington.

You can read more about my work history in my Résumé, and other hobbies on this site.