Starting a Django Conventions Project and Reference

During the last month I have proposed some conventions for Django, mostly in the realm of templates. In doing so I have looked around for other documented places where conventions are mentioned. I haven’t found a really good reference for Django conventions. Brian’s post was a good example of reusable app conventions, and the Pinax Project is a great reference implementation. However, I couldn’t find any simple reference for regularly used conventions in the Django world.

I don’t know if this will be useful for people, but I think this goes along the whole convention/pattern ideal. If we all use a common naming, syntax, and style in places where they can be arbitrary, then we gain a lot of value of being able to understand whats going on in others code. So I have started a project that hopefully will act as a reference for Django Conventions.

Currently it is pretty sparse, but I think that having that document in any form is a great step. I’d love to hear some feedback, and it needs a lot of work, so feel free to email me or leave comments here with your additions and criticisms. If this idea becomes useful, I would be fully in support of including it in the Django Documentation or something along those lines as well, but I don’t know how “official” this will really be. For the moment just consider it my hair brained idea of how things should be done :) Cheers.

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